Supreme Court visits space! This one may be a rant, but its too good not to post.

MICROSOFT ANTITRUST LAWSUIT, Bill Gates; it seems that nobody likes this guy. He's contemptible enough to tell the US Supreme Court Justice to show him which of lines of code he should remove, while on trial for violation us US antitrust laws! With millions of lines of code that are illegible to humans, all Bill got was a hairy eyebrow. Why ever didn't he get called out on the carpet for that one? He could have been ordered to reveal the source code for windows, which would then show that the code that is under question can in fact be identified, easily. Did the Justice actually buy into this ploy that the program is so big that it cant be modified? Wow!

The US Supreme Court would like to split up Microsoft monopoly in to two separate companies; one for the internet browser and the other for the Windows operating system. So do they believe then that Bill gates will no longer possess a monopoly if its divided into two halves, him owning each half? Or do they think that the American public is so apathetic that they wont notice? Has the highest court in the land degenerated to the point where they're only concerned with appearances? Perhaps the supreme court hasn't noticed how the similar "breakup" of the phone monopoly has resulted in the reunification of baby bell companies after countless name changes, mergers, union busting, and entry into 3 markets that antitrust laws would have prevented them from ever getting into? Big Brother (formerly Ma Bell) is now in the cellular phone business, the cable TV business, and the broadband internet access business. Or does Bill Gates and his $30,000 per second income secretly own tons of Bell stocks? Our laws protect the identity of stockholders from the public, so I guess we'll never know. Now, isn't that special.

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