We actually love the space program, but they are a screwed up organization.NASA LAUNCHES NEW PROBE. Who would give a rat fart about a title like that? Poking around this website you will find Hubble space telescope photos, and just about every one of them does more for public relations than the whole staff at NASA combined. The technology that has come from the space program affects every human I know, but people don't see it. NASA doesn't say it. An MRI made back surgery possible for me, and today I am no longer in a wheelchair! Thank you, NASA!

Hubble myopia has long been fixed, but have you seen any photos? From them we have learned so much. We even found a black hole in our own Galaxy. Check out this "spirograph Nebula".

Aren't Nebulas' cool?
Does anyone know what Orion means in Egyptian?


In a small chunk of sky each point of light is not a Star, but a Galaxy. This is a real photo containing countless Stars clustered in Galaxies.

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