SpaceMarina, humor based on dichotomy, paradox, irony, and observations; all things that make us laugh , challenge the way we perceive the world. Welcome to SpaceMarina, home to many things that shouldn't have a home at all. If it has no place in your world, send it to space where it belongs!

We collect true stories that point out inconsistencies in logic. A lot of this is just plain dumb. Personal observations that reveal how messed up the world is. Feel free to make your contributions. Please note, the site is intended to be fun, perhaps somewhat enlightening, while engaging sometimes painful subjects. Please do your best to keep the mood light, and lets build this site.

Suggested subject index: no subjects will be rejected, practice freedom here. READ ABOUT

Cars, elevators, accountants, doctors and medicine, lawyers, regulations and law, big business, pets, girls or women, boys or men, the space program, the supreme court, technology, sports, patriotism, politics, road work and highway planning, city development.

About this photo: 2 entire galaxies are in mid-collision. Fill my eyes with that Hubble vision.



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